Vitamins and Minerals do what?

We have always known vitamins and minerals to be good for our body, but sometimes we don't really know off hand what they're good for in terms of keeping us healthy and how they support our many bodily functions.

So here's a quick list* that you can refer to regarding these natural substances and what they can do for you:
  • Vitamin A; Retinol; Beta-Carotene  = Fights infection; healthy vision and skin; bone growth; cell division
  • Vitamin B; Thiamine = Energy release; growth; healthy nervous system
  • Vitamin B2; Riboflavin = Energy release; growth; healthy eyes, skin, hair, and nails; formation of red blood cells
  • Vitamin B3; Niacin = Manufactures hormones; healthy eyes, skin, hair, and nails
  • Vitamin B5; Pantothenic Acid = Adrenal function; anti-stress
  • Vitamin B6; Pyridoxine = Protein metabolism; growth; infection protection; forms red blood cells and neurotransmitters; maintains hormone balance; healthy immune function
  • Vitamin B12 = Forms red blood cells; protects nerves; DNA formation
  • Biotin = Metabolism; fat synthesis; waste excretion
  • Vitamin C = Makes collagen; antioxidant; aids in iron absorption; essential for formation, growth, and repair of bones and skin
  • Calcium = Healthy bones and teeth; nerve impulses; muscle contraction
  • Choline = Metabolism
  • Copper = Blood and bone formation
  • Vitamin D = Calcium absorption; immune function
  • Vitamin E = Antioxidant
  • Folate; Folic Acid = Fertility; health during pregnancy; essential for healthy cell formation
  • Iodine = Thyroid hormones; metabolism; growth; reproduction
  • Iron = Forms red blood cells; circulation
  • Vitamin K = Protein created for blood clotting; bone health
  • Magnesium = Enzymes activation; energy production; cellular reproduction; muscle relaxation
  • Manganese = Antioxidant; energy production
  • Molybdenum = Iron usage; DNA metabolism
  • Phosphorus = Strong teeth and bones
  • Potassium = Fluid and pH level regulation; blood pressure regulation
  • Selenium = Antioxidant
  • Sodium = Fluid regulation
  • Zinc = Immune function; tissue formation
These are just a few of the more common vitamins and minerals. There are several more unlisted here but this is just to give you an idea of how these are used in our bodies.

You will always here me saying I recommend vitamins and minerals be absorbed in their natural state (fruits, vegetables, whole grains..etc), but there are times where supplements are necessary.

*List gathered from An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods by Elise Marie Collins

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