My best beauty secret!

So when people ask me about natural health for hair, skin and nails, I can go into an indepth conversation about nutrition, vitamins and minerals and products. However, there is one product that stands as my absolute favorite!

100% Bentonite Clay

I actually started using this internally as a heavy metal detox a few years ago. Just a spoon of this mud a day and it basically acts like a magnet in the body for toxins. It does not get absorbed, rather goes right through the body. The taste is neither here nor there...simply put: it's mud.

Then as I began looking into this wonderful clay, I quickly learned that it was an amazing face mask. I recommended it to a few people, including my mother-in-law, and immediately it not only became a favorite, it became the item to own.

Ready to relax? Mix in a small bowl the bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar. Stir with either a plastic spoon or a stirling silver spoon (not your regular spoon because of purity) ~ since most people don't own a silver spoon, just use plastic =). It'll tell you how much to mix on the back of the bottle, but I simply eye it and make sure its thick enough. Then apply on your face and get ready to feel "the pulse". I warn people about this because your face literally pulsates and begins tightening.

It's absolutely amazing and as pure as it comes! I've heard estheticians rave about expensive masks (over $100 a bottle) that boast containing bentonite clay, yet it's listed as the 10th ingredient, after all the toxic carcinogenic ingredients. This is the real deal and under $10 at your local health store.

Wash off with warm water and feel the softness that follows =) Warning: it will leave your face a little red but it wears off shortly. Hint hint: don't do right before a major event. Do it the day before or at least 3 hours before.

Note: The two images are my favorite clay brands. The Redmond Clay can be used both internally and externally.

Summer Skin.

Summer's here and so is the beaming sun! Here's a quick rundown of how to protect you and your family's skin in the summer heat, both externally and internally, so you can enjoy the great weather!

  1. Maintain hydrated skin. Keep your skin clean and hydrated by using a natural cleanser and moisturizer and avoid harsh chemicals (For more info, check out the blog post on skin care ingredients). 
  2. Use sunscreen/sunblock. I'm incredibly bias in this one. I highly recommend Badger's SPF line. They are amazing with NO synthetic chemicals or ingredients. Some people complain that it's too thick but get over it, b/c it's wonderful! =) Read the ingredients for yourself and see. The price may look steep but a little goes a long ways.
  3. Use natural insect repellent. PLEASE, don't apply chemicals to your skin, much less your child's skin. There are great lines that use only essential oils and natural ingredients. If you want to mix your own, dilute citronella and eucalyptus in oil (1 part essential oil to 10-20 parts oil)
  1. Drink LOTS OF PURE WATER! You needs to stay hydrated during the summer to help nourish the skin cells and allow for those water-soluble vitamins (like your B-complex) work better.
  2. Eat plenty of antioxident-rich foods like fruits and veggies and unrefined whole grains. 
  3. Eat good fats like those found in nuts, avocado, flax, chia, cold-water fish and olive oil. These healthy fats support moisture balance in the skin.
  4. Avoid refined and fried foods, like refined white flour, french fries, pastries, donuts...and you know the rest.
  5. Exercise. It can help your skin! Exercise improves your blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body, including skin cells. 

Key Supplements:
  • Antioxidents:
    • Green Tea- delays skin cell aging, soothes and heals stressed skin, and balances skin tone
    • Vitamin C- builds collagen, reduces redness and strengthens capillaries (don't forget that sugar eats away Vitamin C right out of the body!)
    • Vitamin E and Selenium- can help protect against UV-induced oxidative stress from the sun
    • Carotenoids- such as lutein and lycopene wich fight cellular damage caused by UV sun rays, which can help slow the visible signs of aging (carrots contain these components and more)
  • Essential Fatty Acids
    •  Borage oil, Flax seed, Fish oil, Hemp and Chia seeds are all great sources of EFA's which help keep moisture in the skin and maintain hydration, making the skin feel softer
  •  Hyaluronic Acid - this is a compound vital to healthy skin. It keeps collagen hydrated and youthful allowing moisture retention in the skin.
 Recovering after long summer days outdoors:
  • Sunburn occurs from overexposure to the sun. Aloe vera gel is used topically to sooth, cool and speed healing. It's even better if you use actual aloe vera gel from the plant. In addition, cocoa butter and shea butter nourish the skin after a long day in the sun.
  • Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac are common weather issues in many parts of the U.S. during long hot days outdoors. Use a spray or gel made with jewelweed, which helps naturally relieve itching. Homeopathic remedies can also work great with poison ivy symptoms. 
  • Insect Bites/Stings is one of the most common for me. I really think I have amazing tasting blood b/c I always get bit! My husband says I imagine them and they appear. Not really, but it sure seems that way. The best aid I've personally used is tea tree oil to relieve itching. It's wonderful! You can also use Aloe vera to soothe irritated skin.
Follow these little tips and you'll have fun in the sun without the pain later =)