My best beauty secret!

So when people ask me about natural health for hair, skin and nails, I can go into an indepth conversation about nutrition, vitamins and minerals and products. However, there is one product that stands as my absolute favorite!

100% Bentonite Clay

I actually started using this internally as a heavy metal detox a few years ago. Just a spoon of this mud a day and it basically acts like a magnet in the body for toxins. It does not get absorbed, rather goes right through the body. The taste is neither here nor there...simply put: it's mud.

Then as I began looking into this wonderful clay, I quickly learned that it was an amazing face mask. I recommended it to a few people, including my mother-in-law, and immediately it not only became a favorite, it became the item to own.

Ready to relax? Mix in a small bowl the bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar. Stir with either a plastic spoon or a stirling silver spoon (not your regular spoon because of purity) ~ since most people don't own a silver spoon, just use plastic =). It'll tell you how much to mix on the back of the bottle, but I simply eye it and make sure its thick enough. Then apply on your face and get ready to feel "the pulse". I warn people about this because your face literally pulsates and begins tightening.

It's absolutely amazing and as pure as it comes! I've heard estheticians rave about expensive masks (over $100 a bottle) that boast containing bentonite clay, yet it's listed as the 10th ingredient, after all the toxic carcinogenic ingredients. This is the real deal and under $10 at your local health store.

Wash off with warm water and feel the softness that follows =) Warning: it will leave your face a little red but it wears off shortly. Hint hint: don't do right before a major event. Do it the day before or at least 3 hours before.

Note: The two images are my favorite clay brands. The Redmond Clay can be used both internally and externally.

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