First time for everything.

Yesterday was my first time making sushi. No raw meat involved. I learned how to first make this at a Macrobiotics cooking class. I didn't realize something so simple could fill both my husband and I, but it did and it was delicious.

5 simple ingredients:
1. Brown short grain rice
2. Avocado
3. Organic Nori Sushi (seaweed)
4. Organic pickled ginger (P.S. Publix does NOT sell this organic. It contains Red 40 and Aspartame - stay away)
5. Braggs Amino Liquid for soy sauce

That's it =)

Then, I made banana chocolate chip bread for the second time. Don't have the ingredients with me right now but I did take a picture (it smells and tastes better than it looks)

Natural Health Seminar

I had my practice run at hosting my first Natural Health Seminar last month. I was a little nervous but I ended up doing fine and having the guests actually love it. That gave me such confidence and reassurance in myself.

Thing is, this is something I am so passionate about that it naturally just comes out of me with energy (at times too much) every time I have the opportunity to discuss it. So what am I doing? Creating the opportunity to discuss it better and share my knowledge thus far.

My passion for sharing what I've learned over the past five years is a result of seeing those I love and even those I've never met suffer with illnesses that could have been prevented simply by choosing to eat differently, healthier. As a result, our society is faced with various health epidemics, such as obesity, diabetes (in both adults and children) and heart diseases.

People, please understand: THIS CAN BE PREVENTED!!! There is so much I've learned and learning each day that it fascinates me to the point that I'll explode if I keep it to myself.

So that's where the Seminar comes into play... hope to see you at the next one =)