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DIY Detox Bath Recipe

10 Simple Cancer Remedies That Can Give You A Fighting Chance

Simple cancer remedies that can give you a fighting chance
By: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Though cancer can be seen as a very complex illness, it is important to understand that cancer is simply 
the "symptom" and the tip of the ice berg. For your body to allow cancer cells to take root and multiply, there had to be a weakened immune system, toxicity of many kinds and nutritional deficiencies.

A Favorite

Last week, I picked up my farmer's seasonal box at Homegrown Co-op and it contained an eggplant. I knew immediately that one of the meals I was making this week was Eggplant Parmesan. Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite vegetarian dishes.

For those that have never made it, it's super easy and delicious!

The first time I ever made it, I documented it and listed the recipe here on my blog.

Check out the recipe.

Two great articles

This week I was sent to great articles that are good easy reads. I love numbered or bullet-pointed articles because they let me read quickly and get a good overview of the text in general. These however, you may want to read in detail.

Not a resolution...a way of life

I've been given several excuses for not eating organic or healthy: "it's too expensive"and "it doesn't taste good"are the two most frequent responses.

My reply:

1. "It's too expensive" =  Medical insurance and prescription drugs for heart medication, cholesterol, diabetes, colds, blood pressure (and the list can go on) are much more expensive on a monthly basis, especially considering the number of American's on medical drugs on a daily basis. This is not to mention that a healthy lifestyle and regiment can actually get rid of most of these.

2. "It doesn't taste good" = Well not after you're used to eating a starchy, high sodium and high sugar diet. Sugar can last on your tongue up to 10 days and anything you eat during that time needs to be as sweet or sweeter in order for you to think it tastes good. Try getting away from all sugars for a couple weeks then take a bite out of an apple. It will never have tasted better!

Cheat Sheet for Vitamins

I'm a little obsessed with infographics and when I found this one by, I knew I wanted to post it on my blog.