Not a resolution...a way of life

I've been given several excuses for not eating organic or healthy: "it's too expensive"and "it doesn't taste good"are the two most frequent responses.

My reply:

1. "It's too expensive" =  Medical insurance and prescription drugs for heart medication, cholesterol, diabetes, colds, blood pressure (and the list can go on) are much more expensive on a monthly basis, especially considering the number of American's on medical drugs on a daily basis. This is not to mention that a healthy lifestyle and regiment can actually get rid of most of these.

2. "It doesn't taste good" = Well not after you're used to eating a starchy, high sodium and high sugar diet. Sugar can last on your tongue up to 10 days and anything you eat during that time needs to be as sweet or sweeter in order for you to think it tastes good. Try getting away from all sugars for a couple weeks then take a bite out of an apple. It will never have tasted better!

I've never documented my grocery shopping items (except when I was juicing), but since it was the first one of the year and I needed to replenish our fridge after the holidays, I decided to blog about it.

With the exception of lemons, ginger, bananas, and cheese, everything else I purchased is organic. Now, my husband and I don't have children yet, and I love juicing, so shopping for a larger family may look a little different, however the concept is the same.

The only aisle I walked into (three steps) was the cereal aisle to get our organic cereal. Other than that, I only shop the perimeter of the store (veggies, fruits, spices, eggs, and yogurt). *On a side note: We started buying organic rice milk at Costco, so I no longer have to shop regularly for it.

For $102.19, this is what I purchased:

The list in detail:

  • 4 Organic Cascadian Farm cereals
  • 2 Ezekiel 4:9 Breads
  • Organic red kale bunch
  • Organic red chard bunch
  • Ginger root
  • Organic baby spinach
  • Organic Fuji apples
  • Stoneyfield organic strawberry yogurt
  • Organic green pepper
  • Organic delicious green apples
  • Bananas
  • Organic tomatoes on the vine
  • Organic portabella mushroom
  • 2 Organic zucchinis 
  • 3 Lemons
  • Organic white onion
  • Organic cucumber
  • Colby Jack cheese
  • Applegate Farms turkey
  • Organic Sparkling Cider (just felt like buying this ~ clearly not a regular item)
  • Sliced mild cheddar cheese

Believe it or not, this will last me a good two and a half weeks. It's completely nutritious and provides all the nutrients I need on a regular basis. Even so, I still take my supplements that are also GMO free and organic. 

For those who think it's expensive, stop looking at prices when shopping in the grocery store! Look at prices when you go buy a new outfit, or go to the movies, or eat out at restaurants. We are the country that spends the LEAST on food out of any other in the world. That's got to tell you something.

This is an investment in your health and your family's help. Seeing loved ones in recent months having heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and low heart rates leading to insertion of a pace maker makes me sick and tired! 

Organic food is delicious, but you have to get away from the garbage that has infested the grocery aisles. Most of it shouldn't even be qualified as food. It's completely altered and fake. 

I know so many people made resolutions to try to eat healthy and lose weight...for me, this is not a resolution, it's a way of life. It's every day making decisions. I'm not a perfect eater, but I try hard, especially at home.

Alright, I'm off my soapbox, but really and truly, I wish you and your loved ones a blessed and HEALTHY 2013! 

If you ever needs tips or advice, please feel free to send me a message!


  1. Wao! So true. I want his to be my way of life so I will print and pray that the rest of the team jumps on the train, I for one will not be part of the curse this generation has so generougly invited into the house thru the kitchen. Thank you for keeping us posted and aware. It is sad to see the reality around us paying the price for the negligence of indulging in garbage the last 30 years.

  2. As usual-great information. Keep it up. I truly enjoy reading all your blogs and thank God for your good advice. Spread the good health by providing the key ingredients: good food. Love it! Gladys