In Season.

Last week I was researching when certain fruits and vegetables were in season and where they were grown. From there, I printed out articles showing the time during the year to buy those fruits and vegetables and when to avoid them despite the fact that they may be sold in the grocery stores.

Please keep in mind that when you see a label reading South African grapes or Argentinian blueberries, remember that they've traveled further than you do to work and back in a week. Through travel, just imagine the amount of toxins that get into our fruits and vegetables from pollution, smog, and chemicals to preserve it for the journey.

This is the reason many people are now buying local. Not only are you supporting your local farmers, you know what your getting and where it's growing.

Rich Pirog, the Associate Director of the Leopold Center at Iowa State University, says that when consumers learn about an issue such as the tomato scare during the salmonella outbreak, their first reaction isn't necessarily to think, Oh, I should eat local. He says, "The common response is, 'Wow, I need to pay more attention to where my food comes from and how it's grown.' Local provides answers to those questions people are asking.

"It's difficult to always buy local, and the fruits and vegetables you love most may not grow in your area or even state, but it will help you from buying fruits and veggies that come from too far and aren't even in season.

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