Whole Foods sells GMOs

While this is no surprise to me, it seems that many shoppers of Whole Foods and other natural health foods stores are unaware and extremely trusting of anything in the store because its been marketed as "healthy" and "natural".

They fail to realize how much of the store is actually made up of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods and products.

Too many times to count, I've been in conversations regarding healthy choices and I have to remind people that Whole Foods is not a 100% organic store. You CANNOT trust everything that is in there. Reading labels is especially important.

Side note: I worked in health food stores for 2 years and know exactly what I would buy and what I absolutely would never touch. Reading labels and understanding companies (and their parent companies) help make educated decisions on what you purchase.

Before watching these videos, please let me state that I am by NO means bashing Whole Foods. I think its amazing that a store like this has grown and has given the options to so many to change the way they eat. With that said, I also think its borderline trickery and deceptive marketing so make people trust and think that everything in a store is safe when it is not.

There are three videos (first is the best) that help explain this best:

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