GMO Chocolate...really???

I love chocolate. You can say I'm a chocoholic. If I could live off of chocolate and didn't gain any weight, I would. You get the picture.

So yesterday, my husband sends me an article about my favorite thing containing GMO. Read the article and hear me rant:

My rant:

I see Monsanto written all over this!!! I’m ticked off! Now I have to spend money on organic chocolate! This is so frustrating. The reason those cocoa beans died was because of the stupid government-sponsored cocoa beans!!!!!!!!!! This is iritating! Why can’t they just leave all the farmers alone and let them grow their stuff on the soil God gave us with the seeds he provided for us that have not been cloned or genetically altered????

Is this so hard to ask????

Thank you for reading. 

Stay Healthy, my friend (think accent of the Dos Equis XX beer guy <--- he's so awesome)

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