GMOs = Silent Killers

If rats get tumors and cancer when they eat the same GMO induced food we eat as a society, what is it doing to us? 

Let's start at the basics. What is GMO? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms which is being used to create food, even though it has been proven through scientific research and tests that they are unfit for human consumption.

The uprise is that Monsanto (the enemy of our food and health and hence nicknamed MonSatan) has not only gone against family farms to put them out of business, but they are in cahoots with the government to
create modified foods and sell them as regular grocery items we purchase everyday. As a result of their financial ties, GMO food has not only not been banned, it doesn't even have to be labeled GMO. 

Do you really take the time to look at what you're eating or what foods you are purchasing for your family? Do you know what those little words on the side of the box under "Ingredients" even mean? I mean that with all seriousness. They've started using words that disguise what they are truly putting in our ingredients.

They've masked words like "artificial flavors" and "natural flavors" to cover thousands of different ingredients. And it's legal....I know, real shocker!

After I finished my juice fast last week, my husband asked me what does he want me to avoid buying in the store. I told him clearly, "anything addictive". If you can't stop at five, then it probably contains GMO, MSG, natural flavors and this list goes on. These ingredients are created to make you eat more than one.

A popular slogan from Pringles goes like this "Once you pop, the fun don't stop". They understand the qualities of addictive food increase their sales. Do they care what the food being consumed is doing to their customers...NO!

Let's discuss GMOs a little more. According to the article The GMO debate is over; GM crops must be immediately outlawed; Monsanto halted from threatening humanity, Mike Adams states, "As a shocking new study has graphically shown, GMOs are the new thalidomide. When rats eat GM corn, they develop horrifying tumors."

He further goes on to show that the study reveals that the engineering of food genetically is turning our FOOD to POISON!!! This is huge, yet our government is turning a blind eye.

While the U.S. has not done anything about this, France has already launched an investigation that "may result in the nation banning GM corn imports."

The GMO industry has lied to us and is making sure that they don't have to list which products are GMO. Mike Adams created a great list in his article about the tactic of the biotech (makers of GMO) industry:

  • Hide genetically modified ingredients in food
  • Falsify research to claim GMOs are safe
  • Manipulate the scientific debate by bribing scientists
  • Deny just like Big Tobacco, DDT, thalidomide, Agent Orange and everything else that's been killing us over the last century
So, where does that leave us? I know this may not be an easy option for most people (or you think it isn't) but eating organic (USDA certified) is the safest way to go in this ordeal until they have passed a mandate stating GMOs need to be labeled. 

I hear so many people give me all the reasons they can't do certified Organic, but those same people spend so much on healthcare a year and on meds that a better quality of life and more expensive food seems like a better option than cheap junk that makes you sick. 

Event choosing "healthy foods" that are not organic but seem to have good ingredients are now disappointing me. For example, here is a list I received of the top corporations that are fighting GMO labeling efforts right alongside MonSatan, oops, I meant Monsanto, and the biotech industry:

 Pepsi -- SoBe, Tazo, IZZE Sparkling Juice, Naked Juice, Naked Juice Coconut Water, Mother's Cereals, Nut Harvest Nuts, Sabra Hummus, Stacy's Pita and Bagel Chips, Aquafina

 Nestle -- Gerber Organics, Juicy Juice, Perrier, Poland Spring, S. Pellegrino, PowerBar, Tribe Mediterranean Foods

 Coca-Cola -- DASANI, FUZE Healthy Infusions, glaceau smartwater, glaceau vitaminwater, Honest Tea, Odwalla, Simply juices

 ConAgra -- Alexia Foods, Lightlife

 Kellogg's Company -- Kashi, Bear Naked, Wholesome & Hearty (Gardenburger), Morningstar Farms / Natural Touch

 General Mills - Cascadian Farm Organic, Muir Glen, Good Earth, Larabar, Liberte Greek yogurt, Nature Valley

 Kraft - Halls cough drops

 Dean Foods / Land O Lakes - Silk, Horizon Organic

Talk about a disappointing list. For a more thorough list of the top companies, check out this link:

I rather be the bearer of good news, but this is real stuff that affects you and your family! 

On a positive note, here are some amazing companies that actively support Prop. 37 to have GMOs labeled and do not contain GMOs:
 Dr. Bronners
 New Chapter
 Uncle Matt's
 Straus Organic
 Nature's Path Organic
 Baby's Only Organic
 Organic Valley
 Lundberg Family Farms
 Amy's Kitchen
 Eden Foods
Try to support these companies for their commitment to honesty and transparency in food labeling. 

I hate getting involved in political debates, but I feel very strongly about this and it's important to know what we're eating! As consumers, it's your right. Check out this link to see the supporters and opponents of this bill. Don't forget to look at the dollar amount differences. 

Stay Healthy!

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