Ready for some GMO salmon?

For the past 20 years, AquaBounty, a multinational biotech company, has been developing a giant Atlantic Salmon in the deep forests of Panama.

ABC Dateline was able to go into the laboratory (which they constantly mentioned resembled the Jurassic Park movie) and interview CEO of AquaBounty Technologies, Ron Stotish. He mentions that these are "very healthy, beautiful, Atlantic salmon."

However, there's one big difference...
Their growth rate compared to a regular Atlantic Salmon!

Here is an excerpt of the report:
"While the AquaBounty fish do not grow to a size larger than normal salmon, they get to full size much faster, cutting costs for producers.
A normal-size 1-year-old Atlantic salmon averages 10 inches long, while the genetically modified fish at the same age is more than two times larger, coming in at 24 inches.
Salmon is the second most popular seafood in America. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the average size of an Atlantic salmon is 28 inches to 30 inches and 8 pounds to 12 pounds after two years at sea."

I'd like to hope that the FDA will not approve this, but I highly doubt it. They have already visited the farm and are probably reviewing the data now to get this in our supermarkets ASAP.

My request is simple: Label it!

For those that choose not to purchase this genetically altered fish, they should know how to differentiate it from the real salmon.

I choose not to purchase an animal whose genes have been altered to help it grow faster, and that is sterile resulting from lack of proper genes.

I highly recommend watching this video and listening carefully to the defense of eating a genetically altered fish. It seems odd that these individuals that are so bright would fail to possess the most basic understanding of life. It's not wise to alter it. There are always consequences to our bodies when ingesting a GMO food.

An excerpt from that same report from the critics:
"There is no proven link between genetically altered food and health problems, but critics are skeptical about AquaBounty studies and complain government scientists have not done enough independent work, and ignore the unknown.
They worry, but have no proof that this new fish will increase allergies, and they theorize its altered hormone system could somehow cause cancer. The FDA's review of company data found those concerns unfounded."
 To see the entire article and video, click here.

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